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Olympic EZ Curl Bar

Using a curl bar allows you to maximise the load while at the same time reducing stress on the wrist region.


Olympic EZ Curl Bars

The Olympic E Z Curl Bar is designed to reduce stress on the wrists and allow you to grip the bar in a more natural, ergonomic way. While performing arm curls, EZ Curl Bars allow the user to reduce unnecessary strain on wrists and forearmsb y allowing the user to grip the bar at different angles.

This results in the user being able to repetitively lift heavier weights, targeting the desired upper arm region (biceps, triceps) without straining and possibly injuring the weaker region of te arm which is generally in the wrist joint.


Olympic Curl Bar Hobart


Some exercises that can be performed with an EZ Curl Bare are:

• Bicep Curls
• Laying Down Tricep Extensions
• Overhead Tricep Extensions
• Deadlifts
• Bent Over Rows

The EZ Curl bar can be used as a stand alone barbell performing exercises while standing up or laying down, as well as part of a bench setup featuring a preacher curl pad.

All Curl Bars sold at Clever Fitness come with spring collar sets included, and other locking collars such as LockJaws are also available as optional accessories.

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Olympic EZ Curl Bar